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Jiangsu SnailZhixing Technology Co., Ltd. is a large new energy application enterprise located in Wuxi, China. It leads the world in the practical application and cross-border application of solar energy products. Relying on 100% independent intellectual property rights, the enterprise creatively applies new solar energy products to vehicles. The "Solar-Powered Scooter" launched in the first phase bringing together the wisdom of many domestic and foreign first-class experts in the field of new energy, such as MIT and HIT; Carry the new flag of zero carbon and lead the new direction of energy.

  • 10000 Square Meters

    Over 10000 Square Meters Manufacture Area.

  • Over 10Million Annually

    Production Over 10Million Annually

  • Possess Various Patents

    Possess Various Patents

  • Coooperation

    Close Coooperation With Topclass Universities

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With "PV+" and "Internet plus" as the carrier and "zero carbon travel" as the goal, we are committed to the efficient use of photovoltaic new energy to smart travel, so as to achieve the goal of "zero emissions, low investment, smart travel", and then adjust the energy structure to reduce carbon emissions.
Jiangsu Snail Zhixing Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the 2023 EUROBIKE Bicycle Exhibition, and the solar scooter displayed aroused enthusiastic response. Its innovative design and environmental protection concept are favored by businessmen and media. Solar scooters are equipped with high-efficiency solar panels, which can be recharged by sunlight to achieve zero-emission green travel.